Sample Franchise Agreement

A franchise agreement is a written contract between the franchisee and the franchiser. It is a mandatory document before the commencement of any franchisee business. This agreement is used to safeguard the rights of the franchisee in particular.

Sample Franchise Agreement

Franchiser Name: ABC Beauty Products Limited.

Franchisee Name: XYZ Enterprise.

Franchisee Address: 21, Upper Hill Road. Lower Avenue. NY.

The following terms and conditions are agreed upon by the franchiser and the franchisee, violation of which, from any end, will lead to instant termination of the franchise:

  1. The franchiser brand name and its logo are the trademark of the company. Hence, the franchisee is not authorized to use it in any form without the written permission form the franchiser.
  2. The franchisee will be paid a monthly amount of $2000 as the maintenance cost for which no documents will be required. If extra maintenance charge is required, the franchisee has to provide proper evidence for the same.
  3. The franchisee need to start the business with an initial deposit of $50000.
  4. The franchisee is not allowed to indulge in any sort of business or engagements that is a direct competitor of the franchiser.

_________________                                                      _________________

Signed by:                                                                       Signed by:

Mr. Heath Davis                                                             Mr. Michael Howard

(for ABC Beauty Products Limited)                               (for XYZ Enterprise)

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