Sample Employment Agreement

The sample employment agreement is a written document signifying that the employee would be working for the company and its terms and conditions. A sample employment agreement is given here for reference.

Sample Sample Employment Agreement

Company: ABC Pharmaceuticals Limited

Employee: Miss A. Smith

Designation: Sales Representative

The company hereby employs the employee on the following terms and conditions:

  1. The employment would commence from 5.01.2011.
  2. The employee has agreed to perform the required duties with the consents of the company.
  3. In exchange of the valuable service provided by the employee, he would receive remuneration of $10,000 payable on 5th of every month.
  4. This employment agreement would remain effective until terminated by either party.
  5. This agreement would be terminated earlier than the due date because of the reasons given below.
    1. Inability to work for more than 6 calendar weeks in any year due to incapacity or illness.
    2. Infringement of the agreement.

In these cases, the company would notify him or her, with a certified notice and the termination would commence after 30 days.

This agreement has been done in front of the witness Mr. Alistair Mclaire by the Company ABC Pharmaceuticals Limited and the employee Miss A. Smith.

_________________________              __________________________

Signed by Company                             Signed by Employee

ABC Pharmaceuticals Limited         Miss A. Smith

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