Sample Distributor Agreement

A sample distributor agreement is a document which is drafted when an individual referred to as the distributor agrees to take the responsibility of distributing the product manufactured by another individual or organization termed as producer. The details mentioned in the agreement include the responsibilities of the distributor and payment details between both the parties. The agreement also acts as evidence that the distribution right has been given to the distributor.

Sample Distributor Agreement

This distributor agreement has been entered on 10th May 2011 by and between

Nathan Distribution referred to as the distributor with office address at:

56 Tiger Hill Road,

Finland, Los Angeles 4567

And Gas Manufacturers referred to as the production company with head office located at

34 Done Hill Road,

Finland, Los Angeles 4564.

As the production company gives the distribution rights to the distributor to distribute the cotton garments manufactured by them.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The distributor has to pay the production company the cost for acquiring rights.
  2. The distributor will undertake the responsibility of sales and marketing of the products. The profit arising out of sales and marketing will distributed equally after deducting the distribution rights cost.

Signature of the distributor:                                            Signature of the production company:

Len Luke                                                    Will Puke

(MD, Nathan Distribution)                                                (MD, Gas Manufacturers)

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