Sample confidentiality agreement

A sample confidentiality agreement is a legal commitment between the two different parties in order to initiate the new business relationship. This agreement consists of confidential terms and contact information of the parties.

Sample of sample confidentiality agreement:

Agreement Number: 23/ H

Date of the agreement registration: November 21st, 2010 valid till: November 21st, 2011

This confidentiality agreement is commenced between:

The Provider Origination:

Name (individual/ organization): Rainbow companies Pvt. Ltd

City:  New York state: America, PIN: (212) 344 6970

Contact Number: 5689 859 4839

URL: ,

Hereinafter known as the provider party


The receiver organization:

Name (individual/ organization): Greenwood companies Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 33/ 8, Wing- H, Industrial Area, New York, America, ZIP: (212) 677 8909

Phone Number: 6870 583 3290


Hereinafter known as the receiver party

For type of business: Sales & Marketing of Goods

Underneath given are the legitimate confidentiality terms for both the parties:

Business Relationship:

The provider party will be paid $5869 annually for providing the services. The provider party will start providing the services from November 21st, 2010 as the committed date.


The agreement is truly confidential and should be considered secret.


Any violation occurs to the confidential commitment lead to the cancellation of the agreement, and the guilty party will pay the settlement allowance of $ 40050 to the claiming party.


Signature of the Provider Party:

Harry Watson

Signature of the Receiver Party:

Maria Smith

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