Sample Commercial Agreement

A sample commercial agreement is an official binding between the two interested parties, which is commenced for business use only by accepting the offered rule & regulations. Such an agreement is prepared for leasing some place, taking commercial loan or for security, etc.

Sample of Sample Commercial Agreement:

Agreement no: 308/ SCA

Date: January 30th, 2011

This commercial agreement is made & entered between:

Details of the property Owner:

Name: Mrs. Anna Spencer

Contact number: 6783 679 5778

Hereinafter called as the property owner


Details of the Company:

Name: Reshot Companies Pvt. Ltd

Phone number: 6879 234 5632

Hereinafter called as the purchaser party

The purchaser party is willing to buy the building for the commercial purpose from the property owner, whereas both the parties are agreed to the mentioned rules & regulations.

This agreement is starting from January 31st, 2011 and is ending on January 31st, 2012.

Term & conditions:

  • The purchaser party has already paid $ 56780 as the advance amount, whereas the remaining amount of $ 345569 will be paid on 31st, 2011.
  • The purchaser party can use this property for the official purpose.
  • The property owner will transfer the nominee documents on the above given date after receiving the full payment.
  • In case of any violation to the above given terms, this agreement will be treated as cancelled.

Acceptance of the sample commercial agreement:

Sign of the property owner                                Sign of the purchaser party:

Anna Spencer                                                     William Hudson

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