Sample Business Agreement

A sample business agreement is commenced between the two interested entrepreneurs or organizations to work together by committing to the certain term & conditions. Such an agreement consists of contact details of both the parties, terms & conditions to be followed and duration of the agreement validation.

Sample of sample business agreement:

Business agreement number: 59/ BA

This business agreement is made and entered on January 28th, 2011, between

Details of the Entrepreneur:

Name:  Mr. Alan Smith

Address: Plot No: 67, Industrial Area, Section- B, Toronto, Canada

Contact number: 7960 484 6879

Hereinafter referred as Entrepreneur Party


Details of the Organization:

Name: Eagle Sales Pvt. Ltd

Address: 45/ L, Office No; 6, Parkinson Garden, Toronto, Canada

Phone Number:  5849 678 2839

Hereinafter referred as Organization Party

Whereas, entrepreneur is willing to purchase the products from the Organization & the organization is interested in working with the entrepreneur by understanding the risks and benefits mentioned in this business agreement.

This business agreement is effective from January 29th, 2011 and is valid till January 29th, 2012.

Following mentioned clauses & covenants must be accepted by both the parties:

  • The Entrepreneur can buy the products by making 50% of the amount in advance, whereas the remaining payment is to be made after receiving the goods.
  • The organization party will dispatch the demanded good on time, as promised, and will issue a legitimate slip for the received payment.
  • In case of any violation to the above mentioned term & conditions, this business agreement is considered as dissolved.

Agreement validation by the entrepreneur party and the organization party:

Signature of the Entrepreneur                   Approval of the Organization

Alan Smith                                                 Billy Anderson

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