Sales Consulting Agreement

A sales consulting agreement is made when a company appoints a sales consulting company to provide consulting services to the company in return for a fee. This agreement lays down the terms and conditions which set the way by which the contract has to be completed. This type of agreement can be entered for various different reasons related to the sales of product or services.

Sample sales consulting agreement

This agreement is made between OWNER and CONSULTING COMPANY on the effective date of 27’Th Dec, 2010.

The services provided by the consulting company relates to the product marketing of the owner company.

Duration of contract: 12 months


Name: Mr. Philip Rad

Contact number: 479380948498

Business details: the owner owns an IT firm in LA.


Name: Mr. Yen Tim (Tim services)

Contact number: 489348944896

Terms and conditions

  1. The OWNER agrees to hire the CONSULTING COMPANY to complete the sales project in the duration of 12 months.
  2. The CONSULTING COMPANY agrees to work according to the norms and conditions which have been predefined.
  3. The CONSULTING COMPANY must complete the work on time and with full dedication.
  4. The OWNER must provide all the assistance and help to the CONSULTING COMPANY as and when required.


Philip Rad                Yen Tim

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