Roommate Lease Agreement

A roommate lease agreement is a document in which a roommate is considered a joint tenant based on the conditions of the lease. If multiple tenants are named in the lease, then each one of them is fully responsible for the amount of the rental charge due to the owner.

Roommate Lease Agreement

Address of dwelling: 32 C, Ridge road, Atlanta

Landlord’s name: Tim Bekking

Number of roommates: 3

First roommate’s name: Paul Nova

Second roommate’s name: John Red

Third roommate’s name: Fred Hing

Period of lease: 12 Months commencing from 5’Th November, 2010

Utility information:

The following are items not included in the rental charges:

Electricity, gas, water supply, cable connection and internet access.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Each roommate will due to pay the monthly charge of $400 on the 1st of each month.
  • In case of late payment, an extra charge of $50 will be charged and will increase by $50 with each passing week.
  • Each roommate is responsible for the cleaning of the room and garbage disposal.
  • Loud music or any other kind of disturbance is strictly prohibited.
  • No roommate will be allowed to smoke inside the room and will be charged heavily if found doing the same.

Signatures of roommates:

Paul Nova

John Red

Fred Hing

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