Roommate Agreement

A roommate agreement is an agreement made on the mutual consent of a group of roommates sharing a room. It is a written document that describes the rules and regulations of renting a room together. It specifies the certain areas of duty or rent which help in avoiding confusions during the period of the document

Roommate Agreement

Owner: Ted Lewis

Agreement between the following roommates:

First: Yuan Jinh

Second: Mike Hussel

Date: 4’Th November, 2010

The amount of rent each roommate will pay is as follows:

First: $300 every month payable in the first week.

Second: $350(double bed) every month payable in the first week

The agreement is based on following conditions:

  • Each roommate is responsible to take care of the comfort of the other on courtesy basis.
  • Each roommate is responsible for care of his/her own beds, bedside tables, lamps and almirahs.
  • No roommate can make loud noises and cause disturbance to the other or to the neighbors.
  • Each roommate is entitled to pay for any damage caused to the property or belongings provided by the owner.


Yuan Jinh                  Mike Hussel

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