Roommate Agreement Template

A roommate agreement template is a fully detailed written format for a roommate agreement. It gives a layout for the agreement and defines the terms and conditions for the fulfillment of the lease.

Sample Roommate Agreement Template

This agreement is made on: [day], [month], [year] and for [ ] months.

Lessor: [lessor’s / landlord’s name]

[lessor’s / landlord’s full address with zip code]

Roommate 1: [first roommate’s name]

Roommate 2: [second roommate’s name]

Location: [Address of the room]

Terms and conditions of lease:

  • The agreement cannot be cancelled before the expiration under any circumstances.
  • The monthly rental [amount] is to be paid on the 1’st of each month.
  • It is the responsibility of the roommates to keep the room, its furniture, walls and other items provided maintained and in proper care.
  • Any roommate is allowed to leave and enter the room at any times.
  • Each roommate is not allowed to smoke without the consent of the other roommate.


Roommate 1          roommate 2           owner

Tim                         John                      Ryan frank

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