Room Renters Agreement

A room renters agreement is a legal document made between the owner and the renter of the room. The lessee pays a rental charge in return for usage of the room to the owner.

Sample Room Renters Agreement:

Owner: Mr. Paul White

Address of room: 34 a, Second floor, rik street, LA

Lessee: Ms. Lily Heb

Date: 23’Rd Oct, 2010

Period of lease: 6 months starting from 1’st November

Terms and conditions:

  • A monthly charge of $250 to be paid on the 5’Th of each month.
  • Late rent charges $50 to be paid in case the payment not done in the first week of each month.
  • The lessor agrees to provide the lessee with the facilities including -electricity, gas, water supply, garbage collection and cable connection.
  • The lessee will be held responsible and payable in case of any damage to the premises or amenities provided.


Owner                           Lessee:

Paul White                    Lily Heb

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