Room Rental Agreement

A room rental agreement is a legal document which is made between the owner of property and the renter. A number of people can stay under this agreement in a room by mentioning the count of people, whereas the name of the responsible person is mentioned in the agreement.

Sample Room Rental Agreement:

Room rentals Agreement file No: ______

Date: ____________________

Name of the Renter: _______________ Name of the Room Owner: ______________

Permanent Address:  ______________ Address: ______________________________

PIN: ___________________________ PIN: ___________________________________

Authorized Contact Number: _______    Phone Number: ________________________

E-mail id: _______________________________________________________________

A single room located at: ____________________________

Street address: _________ City______________ State: ___________PIN: __________

This agreement being from ______, 20 ________ valid till: ______20 ____________

The lessee will pay the rent at the following promised tariffs:

________________ per _____________ (week/ month)

The above mentioned rent includes the given facilities & permissions to the lessee:

_________ Electricity

_________ Remigration

_________ Water

_________ Parking

________ Cable TV services

Number of People to be allowed to accommodate at the room: ________

The amount of security deposit ________ will be paid by the lessee to the lesser on_______ 20___

Signature of the Lesser: _____________ Signature of the Lessee:   _________________

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