Room Lease Agreement

A room lease agreement is a written document that allows the owner to rent a room from his part of the property to the tenant in return for a rental payment. The agreement sets the rules and conditions based on which the agreement is signed by both the involved parties.

Room Lease Agreement

Date: 9’th Oct, 2010

Owner’s Name: Mr. Greg Yales

Tenant’s Name: Ms. Liz Dates

Address of Room: 2’nd floor, Flat 56,Rex Street, London

Duration of Lease: 12 Months Starting from November 1, 2010

Rental Charges: $800 per month payable at the 1’st of each month

Late fee: $50 if rent not received by the 7th of each month

Owner agrees to the following terms:

  • To provide the tenant with electricity,24 hour water supply, gas and cable television facility
  • To arrange and pay for garbage collection
  • To provide the tenant with the basic kitchen appliances like gas stove, microwave, dish washer and a refrigerator.

Tenant agrees to the following terms:

  • To keep all the amenities and facilities in proper working condition and to be help responsible and payable to any damage caused.
  • Not to add or remove any furniture provided.
  • Not to make any kind of loud noises/music or disturbances that might cause trouble to the neighbors’.
  • Not to hold the owner responsible for any personal loss through his/her own insurance company.


Greg Yales                     Liz Dates

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