Rice Export Agreement

A rice export agreement is an agreement which is drafted between two parties, one of which is the exporter of rice and the other is the one who wishes and agrees to buy rice from the exporter. These kinds of agreements are signed between the involved parties on the basis of certain rules and conditions which are to be legally binding for the parties equally.

Sample rice export agreement:

This agreement has been entered into as on 21st September 2011 and shall remain into effect for 12 months from effective date.

TERMINATION of agreement: 21st September 2012

This agreement has been made between Mr Nick Mathews who is herein referred to as the EXPORTER and Mr. Robert Brown who is herein referred to as the IMPORTER.

EXPORTER details:

Address: S-89, first floor, 7 number tower, CA

Phone number: 44343094093

The EXPORTER deals in exporting of rice of 7 different varieties.


Shipping address: D-34, third floor, Pauls Street, London

Phone number: 42925892324


  • The exporter must under any circumstances deliver the order within 5 days of placement of order by the importer.
  • The importer must place an order for the specific varieties of rice along with details of the quantity of the rice.
  • The price considerations of the rice will be discussed on the phone.
  • The exporter must only send and deliver top quality rice to the importer and any low grade rice shall not be accepted by the importer and will not be paid for.

Signatures of the parties:

Nick Mathews

Robert Brown

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