RFMD Board Representation Agreement

An RFMD board representation agreement is created by the shareholders and management of the company RF Micro Devices, which designs and makes high-performance semi-conductor components, to appoint new board representatives to take major decisions about the firm.

Sample RFMD Board Representation Agreement

This agreement is made on August 10, 2011 in Ohio between RFMD, referred to as the COMPANY, and the PRINCIPAL STOCKHOLDERS.

The parties hereby agree on this terms and conditions:

  • As per the agreement, the PRINCIPAL STOCKHOLDERS and the COMPANY agree that RFMD shall be entitled to appoint the RFMD Designated Director to serve as a member of the Company Board referred as the Company RFMD Nominee.
  • RFMD hereby designates Mr Nathan Ball as the Company RFMD Nominee.
  • The STOCKHOLDERS and the COMPANY agree to take all actions required to elect and appoint the RFMD Nominee.
  • If the RFMD Nominee is not able or is unwilling to serve before his election or appointment to the Company Board, RFMD can nominate a replacement who will be the new RFMD Nominee for the purposes of this Agreement.
  • If the Nominee resigns after the appointment or is removed from the post due to disability or death, RFMD shall inform the Company Board within 30 days of this event and shall take the necessary steps to elect or appoint a replacement to the Company Board to fill the unexpired term of the RFMD Nominee.
  • The STOCKHOLDERS and the COMPANY hereby acknowledge and agree to the rights granted to RFMD.




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