Restaurant Partnership Agreement

A restaurant partnership agreement is a written legal document which is used to lay down all the possible terms and conditions which are mutually decided amongst the parties who are ready to be partners in a restaurant running business. Such agreements are legally binding in the sense that any party or partner who violates the terms is entitled to be charged under law.

Simple Limited Partnership Agreement Template

Simple Limited Partnership Agreement Template


Checklist Partnership Agreement Template

Checklist Partnership Agreement Template


Sample Restaurant Partnership Agreement:

This partnership agreement has been made on 12th Jan 2011 and shall remain into effect for 12 months from effective date

Termination date of agreement: 12th Jan 2012

The following are the parties of the agreements and are together known as PARTNERS.

Partner 1

Name: Mr. Mathew James

Address: 1-h, friends enclave, London

Contact number: 347704403284

Partner 2

Name: Mr. Raymond Westwood

Address: R-90, second floor, Paulo street, London

Contact number: 473094309503

Restaurant details:

Address: WE-90, marks tower, London

Name: Exotica restro bar

Cuisine: multicuisine

Duties of partner 1:

The first partner shall be responsible for management and the order of the restaurant along with handling kitchen and chefs

Duties of partner 2:

The second partner shall be responsible for the financial handling and accounts of the restaurant along with handling waiters and other staff members

Terms and conditions:

  • The partners will be equally entitles to the profits of the restaurant.
  • The investments of the business along with all costs shall be borne equally by the partners.
  • Any dispute shall be handled by the federal state laws.
  • The partners must share with each other every information about the restaurant and will be equally responsible for its success or failure.


Mathew James

Raymond Westwood

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