Residential Tenancy Agreement Form

A residential tenancy agreement form is a kind of a legal document that gives information about the period of lease, terms and conditions and rental charge details relating to the property under discussion for renting purpose.

Residential Tenancy Agreement Form:

The parties participating in the contract are Mr. Reggie Mathew, hereby known as the LESSOR and Mr. Greg Ray, hereby known as the LESSEE .The agreement is signed on Date: 15’Th Oct 2010.

Contact information of lessor:

Address: rt-6, Yolk road, Atlanta

Contact Number: 445678438620

Contact information of lessee:

Address: GH-3, Yen Road, Atlanta

Contact Number: 457945784830

Property Details:

Address of property: 4B, second floor, north road, Atlanta

Use of property: Residential purpose

Account Number: 972t

File subscription number: rfg9

Period of lease: 24 months

Commencing date: 13’Th November, 2010

Location of signing: Owner’s office, Bridge Road, Atlanta

Payment Details:

Rental charge (monthly): $1300 within the first week of each month

Additional late charges: $350 each week with each passing week

Security Deposit: $200 which will be refunded at the expiry of contract.

The lessor agrees to rent his property to lessee for a fixed period of time in return for a monthly charge. The lessee agrees to pay rent on time and keep premises in good condition.

Both the parties hereby agree to the contract and give their consent:

John White              Ray Greg

(Owner)                   (Tenant)

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