Residential Sublease Agreement Template

A residential sublease agreement template is the legal document drafted by emphasizing on term & rules between the Tenant & Subtenant in order to validate lease of the residential property

Sample Residential Sublease Agreement


Agreement Number: _____________ [legal file number]

Date: _____, 20 _______ [on which the agreement is made]

Name of the owner/ tenant/ organization or individual: ___________________ [whosoever is interested to lease the resident].

Name of the subtenant/ lessee individual or organization: ______________ [who is interested to hire the resident].

With both parties understanding, this agreement is considered active from: ______, 20: _____ terminating on; ___________, 20; _______.

The address of resident: City: ________, State: ________, PIN: ____________ [House details which is to be leased].

Facilitates provided with this property: [mention the list of facilities, say water, electricity, and refrigeration, pool, parking & others].

The fixed lease amount is: _______ [mention the rent in local currency] to be paid dated on: _______, 20: ______ [decided date to make the payment every month].

This agreement is valid for: _____________ [mention the weeks, months and year duration].

Address of the resident: _________________ [which is to be executed for sublease].

Signature of the Tenant:  [individual responsible for signing the sublease].


Signature of the Subtenant: ________________ [individual who is hiring the residential property]

Place: _____________ [where the agreement is prepared].

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