Residential Lease Tenancy Agreement

Residential lease tenancy agreement  is made between a tenant and landlord which are commonly referred to as a lease. This can be modified as well as used (may be subject to restrictions) by a tenant, landlord or agent.

Sample Residential Lease Tenancy Agreement

DATE: 10th October 2010

Parties involved

Landlord: Mr Martin Joseph

Tenant: Mr John Williams

Premises details

Mr Martin Joseph promises to provide an apartment for rent to tenant Mr John Williams including fittings in the property with any furniture, Curtains and other things listed in the schedule.

D6/504, Sliver apartments

Washington Square Park


The agreement will start from 11th November 2010 and will continue till 11th November 2010.


Rent of amount $200 has to be received by Mr Martin on every 1st of each month.

Security deposits:

The tenant Mr John Williams has to deposit to Mr Martin Joseph a sum of 10,000 $ as a deposit of security to secure his faithful acceptance of the terms of the lease.

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