Resident Lease Agreement Template

A residential lease agreement template is the draft which is prepared for to put some residential property on lease. Such agreement is considered between the original owner of property and the lessee.

Sample Resident Lease Agreement Template:

Effective Date: ________, 20 __________ [on which the agreement id is complied].

Lease Number: __________ [official file number].

Name of the Lessor/ individual or organization: ____________________

Permanent Address of Lessor: ______________________________ [valid legal address]

Phone number: ____________ [contact number with area code].

Name of the lessee: ________________________ [individual/ organization]

Authorized Address: ____________________________   [official address of the Lessee].

Phone Number: __________________   [lessee’s contact number with area code].

Residential Property Address: _______________________ [correspondence address of resident which is to be executed for lease including city/ state/ PIN].

The amount to be paid as lease monthly ____________________   [mention the total lease to be paid by the lessees].

This residential lease agreement remains valid for _______________ [time duration for which the agreement is committed].

The lessee agreement is valid from ___________, 20 _______ ending on: ____________, 20 __.

Facilities provided with the resident property: [The proper list of facilities offered by the lessor].

Signature of the Lessee: _________ [sign of person who has hired the property].

Signature of the Lessor: ________ [property owner sign]

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