Research and Development Agreement

Research and development agreement is made between those parties who want to initiate a partnership for R&D purpose in any scientific field.  The agreement provides the details of rules and regulations regarding research project and about the partners as well.

Sample Research and Development Agreement

This agreement has been signed between the RESEARCH ORGANIZATION and the PHARMA COMPANY on 15th January 2011.

The duration for the agreement will be 12 months and the company expects to get the project finished in this period.

The research organization will conduct a research on a new drug originated from plant tissues for heart related diseases. The company will finance the laboratory, equipments and other requirements of research projects.

Details of the Research Organization

Name/Title: H. L. Research Laboratory for Drugs and Medicines

CEO: Rahm Claymont

Contact Number: 438796024

Details of the Pharma Company

Name: Richmond Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd.

CEO: Stanley Brunswick

Contact Number: 4863012978

Terms and Conditions of the agreement

  1. The research lab will conduct a research and will finish it in given time. This drug is intended for human use, so it is expected that before making a final report, the research team will follow all the security related norms.
  2. The Pharma Company will pay a sum of $2500 as research fee to the Lab and will provide financial assistance for research related tasks.
  3. The research project is confidential and the violation of secrecy will be charged under the law.

Signature of both the parties to confirm the terms and conditions are given below:

Rahm Claymont

Stanley Brunswick

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