Rental Tenancy Agreement

A Rental tenancy agreement sets forth the terms based on which the landlord rents his space for office, residential or other purposes to a second party known as tenant.

Rental Tenancy Agreement:

The parties involved are:

Owner: Mr. John White


Tenant: Mr. Ray Greg

Date: 15’Th Oct 2010

Address of property: 4B, Ridge Street, Atlanta

Use of property: Residential purpose

Period of lease: 12 months

Commencing date: 5’Th November, 2010

The Tenant hereby agrees to the following terms:

  • The tenant agrees to use the property for only residential purpose as mentioned in the contract.
  • The tenant agrees to pay $800 on a month to month basis. The amount is to be paid within the first week every month and any failure to do so will result in a late charge of $100.
  • The tenant accepts the responsibility of keeping the premises in good condition and free of damages.

The owner hereby agrees to the following terms:

  • The owner agrees to rent his property to lessee on a monthly basis.
  • To carry out monthly inspections of the premises with a notice sent to the tenant one week in advance.
  • To provide with following utilities: gas, water supply, garbage collection and electricity.


John White              Ray Greg

(Owner)                   (Tenant)

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