Rental Agreement Template

A rental agreement template is the formal presentation of an original agreement which is ready to use for a property rental commitment.

Samples Rental Agreement Template:

This rental agreement is made between:

__________________ (Landlord)


__________________ (leaseholder)

For the property on:

________________ (Type of Property)

________________ (Address of property including City, State & ZIP)

Duration of Lease ______________

The lease will be renewed automatically for the amount of ____________ dated ____________20__

Total amount of lease agreement including first month rent is paid on ______________ 20__

The Lessee holder will be responsible for insuring his/ her property during his stay and until the agreement is valid.

The lessee holder will get the below give benefits with this property:


The lessee holder can use the below given appliance in this property:


Note: The lessee holder is not authorized to use this property for any kind of illegal attempt.

Signature of the lessee holder: _____________Signature of the Property Holder: __________

Paramagnet Address of Lessee holder: ____________

Place: _______________

Date: _______________

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