Rental Agreement Outline

A rental agreement outline is a document to  hire some desired property, house and official space for personal & commercial use. This agreement is a commitment bridge between the owner and the lessee.

Sample Rental Agreement Outline:

Rental agreement number: _____________

Effective Date: _____________________

The rental agreement is made between the lessor________________________ from _____________ (address), herein after referred as the Landlord and the lessee ________________ from _________________herein after known as tenant.

Whereas, the landlord is desired to rent his property, and the tenant is interested to hire the property for his/ her __________________ use only.  Both the parties are agreed on the given term & conditions:

The lessee is agreed on the monthly rent of _________________ which is to be paid for a year. This rent agreement is valid till __________.

The agreement renewal fee is decided ________________ in case the lessee is interested to renew the agreement.

To renew the agreement, the lessee has to put an application to the lessor before ten days of termination.

Any issue encountered regarding property miss use & miss handling, the lessee will be charged with fine and in extreme case, the agreement will be considered vanished.

Signature of the Owner or Lessor: ______________

Signature of the Owner or Lessee: ______________

Place: __________________



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