Rental Agreement Form

A rental agreement form is an important & legal document which is committed between the Owner & the lessee emphasising on certain term & conditions.

Sample Rental Agreement Form:

Form No: _______________

Valid from _________20, till_________

Rental location Address: ____________________

Name of the Owner: _______________________

Address: __________________________________

Residential Number: _____________   E- Mail id: ________________

Official Phone: __________________

Name of leaseholder: ___________________

Permanent Address: ____________________

ZIP: _____________

Authenticated Contact Number: ______________E- mail id:  ____________

Duration for which the lease holder is interested to hire the property: ________

Fixed Term: ____________

The agreement shall begin from ___________20__, ends at ______________20__.

Rental Promise:

The lessee will pay the fixed amount of Rs. ________per__________________(Month/ Year).

The first payment of rent is due on the ________ day of each ________________ (Month/ Year)

Services & Facilities:



_____ Washers & dryers

_____ Water

_____ Cooking stove

_____ Hot water


Security deposit:

A security deposit of amount Rs ______ has been/ is to be paid by the lessee to the owner dated _____ 20___.

Signature of witness:                                                                           Signature of the Lessee:

Witness: ___________                                                                          ________________

Witness: ___________                                                                         Signature of the Owner

Witness: __________                                                                            ________________

Date: ____________

Place: ___________

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