Record Company Joint Venture Agreement

A record company joint venture agreement is an agreement which is entered when two record companies enter into an agreement to do a music project together. This usually happens when a small music label joins hands with a reputed big music label. The agreement is drafted only for one project and if both the parties intend to continue with other projects they can later draft another document.

Sample Record company joint venture agreement

This record company joint venture agreement is being entered and drafted as on this date of 23rd November 2011 between Universal Music and BMG Music to collaborate for a music album to be produced by Universal Music.

Details of Universal Music:

Office address:  23 Care Free Road,

New York, New Jersey.

Contact Number: 3456789

Details of BMG Music:

Office address:  53 High End Road,

New York, New Jersey.

Contact Number: 367324

Both the parties have agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  1. BMG Music will be marketing, distributing and manufacturing records for the music album.
  2. Universal Music is going to choose the artiste for whom they are going to produce the music album.
  3. All the records, cds and cassettes of the music album will have the name of both the music companies.
  4. The recording of the album take place in the in house studios of BMG Music.
  5. The total production cost of the music album will be borne by Universal Music. The total distribution cost will be borne by BMG Music.

Signature:                                                                          Signature:

John Woo                                                                           Brett Lee

(On behalf of Universal Music)                                                          (On behalf of BMG Music)

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