Real Estate License Agreement

Real estate license agreement is made between a real estate developer and the city/state development authority for getting the license for the construction of residential or commercial buildings on land. The agreement explains the rules and regulations regarding usage of license for the land.

Sample Real estate License Agreement

This agreement is signed between Real Estate Developer and the City Development Authority on 26th July 2011. The agreement and license will come in to effect from 26th August 2011.

The duration for the license will be 5 years from the date of effect and it will be necessary to renew the license after this period.

The real estate developer will get rights to develop residential apartment on the specified land, commercial premise/shops/complex, parks, community facilities and other urban amenities.

Details of real Estate Developer

Name:  Mr. Harris Montford

Contact Number: 4863029742

Business Details: person runs a real estate development company.

Details of Development Authority

Title: City Development Authority of Nuremburg County

CEO: Mr. Benjamin Michelle

Contact Number: 4830269781

Terms and Conditions

  1. The developer will pay a sum of $2500 as license fee per year to the City Development authority. The fee does not include the charges for other official formalities necessary for developing various facilities on land.
  2. City development authority holds the proprietary rights of land and it is given to the developer for above-mentioned period only. The authority has complete rights to cancel or terminate the license.
  3. The developer must follow the public health, security and quality norms while construction.


Mr. Harris Montford

Mr. Benjamin Michelle

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