Real Estate Lease Agreement

A real estate lease agreement is entered by two or more parties in regards to a particular real estate property on lease. The real estate leased property agreement is between a landlord and tenant of the real estate.

Sample Real Estate Lease Agreement:

Mr_______________________________________ the right full owner of the real estate lease property and Mr_______________________ and Mr__________________the interested tenants for the real estate lease property agree to enter into a real estate lease agreement  On the ______________day of the _________________month of _______________ the owner of the property located at __________________________from here on referred to as the land lord and the tenant  enter into a house lease agreement for a year.

The said property is being given on lease for a duration of_________________months starting from the________________day of________________month__________year to ________________day of________________ month _____year.

The real estate on lease will be used by the tenant solely for personal use and no kind of commercial activity will be entered. If the landlord can prove of any commercial activity on the leased premises, he can nullify the contract. In the event legal action is required to enforce any provision of this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recovery reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.

The AGREEMENT WAS ACCEPTED THIS ____________ DAY OF ________________________20 _____,

at _______________________________________________________.

(Address, City and State)

_______________________________________________ Tenant 1 _______________________________________________
Tenant 3
Tenant 2
Landlord, Property manager or Agent

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