Real Estate Investment Agreement

Real estate investment agreement is made when an individual or a company wants to hire the services of a professional real estate advisor for making investment in some property. The agreement describes the terms and conditions decided and agreed by both parties to fulfill the agreement.

Editable Business Investment Agreement Template

Editable Business Investment Agreement Template


Real Estate Partnership Agreement Template

Real Estate Partnership Agreement Template


Sample Real Estate Investment Agreement

This agreement is made between the CLIENT and the REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT ADVISORY FIRM on effective date 23rd March 2011.

The services of advisory firm are required for making beneficial decisions regarding real estate property investments and assets by the client.

Duration of agreement is 12 months.

Details of the Client


Name: Mr. Denial Craig.

Contact Number: 4687293581

Details of the Advisor


Name: Mr. Thomas Kirk (Kirk Financial Services)


Contact Number: 4830297526

Terms and conditions of the agreement: Agreed by both parties


  1. The investment advisor agrees to provide his services for the given time period for mentioned tasks of property investment in long and short term etc. as per the terms and conditions.
  1. The Client agrees to pay a sum of $1500 as fee to the advisor for his investment services. A token amount of $650 will be paid in advance and rest after 6 months.
  1. If any additional financial services or consultation if asked by client than it will be considered as extra job and the fee and charges will be made as per the job.
  1. The Client and the Advisory Firm will be charged under the law if the agreement is violated by either of them.


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