Real Estate Development Agreement

Real estate development agreement is a kind of legal document that is signed between an individual and a real estate developer. The purpose is to get a land developed for personal or commercial usage. The agreement provides a set of those conditions that decide the execution of deal.

Sample Real Estate Development Agreement

This agreement is made and signed between the LAND OWNER and the REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER on 15 January 2011 and it will be effective from 1st March 2011.

The duration for the agreement will be 6 months and the construction work is expected to be finished within this period.

The developer is expected to design and develop the land as per the requirements and choice of landowner with a predefined cost. The developer has to elaborate all the expense and cost of project work to the client with the draft plan of project.

Details of Land Owner


Name: Eric Brandenburg

Contact Number: 43025878610

Details of Real Estate Developer


Name: Garry Smith (Smith Estate developers Ltd.)

Contact Number: 483561079

Rules and Regulations for the agreement agreed by both sides


  1. The Client will pay a sum of $4500 to the developer for the development of land in to a personal residential complex.
  2. The real estate developer will follow the security, construction standard and quality standard related legislation of government for real estate development.
  3. The Client would be able to make changes in project design at initial stage but after construction, it will require extra charges.



Eric Brandenburg

Garry Smith

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