Real Estate Consulting Agreement

A real estate consulting agreement is an agreement made between CLIENT and CONSULTANT. The agreement is based upon a real estate consulting service. This agreement basically consists of the terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties.

Sample real estate consulting agreement

This agreement is made between CLIENT and the CONSULTANT on the effective date of 30’Th Dec, 2010.

The agreement involves real estate consulting services to be provided by CONSULTANT to the CLIENT.


Name: Mr. Matt Pitt

Contact number: 47839849048


Name: Mr. Henry Law

Contact number: 473908430985

Business details: Owns a real estate agency in CA

Duration of contract: 6 months

Terms and conditions:

  1. The CONSULTANT agrees to provide real estate consulting service to CLIENT as per the time decided by both of them by mutual consent.
  2. The CLIENT agrees to pay the CONSULTANT a sum of $500 at the end of the agreement duration.
  3. The CONSULTANT agrees to render all those services which are favourable to the CLIENT’s needs and requirements.
  4. The CONSULTANT shall abide by the terms of the agreement and if violated, shall be held punishable under the law of the state of CA.


Matt Pitt                      Henry Law

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