Quality Training Agreement

A quality training agreement is an agreement which is drafted when an individual wishes to take training on quality testing methods from an institute or an individual in order to improve his skills and credibility. Such agreements consist of terms and conditions which are meant to be legal in nature.

Sample quality training agreement:

This agreement has been entered into as on 12th July 2011

This agreement has been made by and between

Mr. Henry Pasting who is herein referred to as the TRAINEE


Mr. Bill Aniston who is herein referred to as the TRAINER

Details of TRAINEE

Address: 5-j, Marks square, New Jersey

Contact number: 474897349344

Details of TRAINER

Name of institute: Fredrik Trainers institute

Agency address: R-90, first floor, Kell Street, New Jersey

Contact number: 4098738944443

The TRAINER agrees to provide Quality training to the TRAINEE at the institute address as mentioned above.

Total time period of agreement: 6 months

Termination date: 12th Jan 2012

Total amount of money to be paid to the institute: $6000

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The TRAINER must use top quality methods and practical techniques to impart knowledge as well as practical training to the TRAINER.
  • The TRAINEE must be present on all 5 days of the training which are from Monday to Friday at 10 am in the morning to 2 pm in the afternoon.
  • A presence of more than 80% will entitle the TRAINEE to a training certificate by the institute with special recommendation.

Signatures of the parties:

Henry Pasting

Bill Aniston

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