Purchase Sale Agreement

A purchase sale agreement is a legal document which is made when a buyer agrees to purchase certain goods at a fixed price from a seller. The sale made can be put under a certain period of time and can be evaluated at the end of the time period. Such agreements are based upon specific terms and conditions.

Sample Purchase Sale Agreement:

This agreement has been made effective as on 1st June 2011 and shall be effective for 12 month’s time period.

Termination date of agreement: 1st June 2012

This agreement has been made between Mr. Fred George who is herein referred to as the BUYER and Mr. Tom Red who is herein referred to as the SELLER.

The details of the parties are given as follows:


Address: 12-j, first floor, Paul tower, CA

Contact number: 4703974034742


Address: 45-h, second floor, Tim street, CA

Contact number: 4709247020202

The SELLER deals in the manufacturing of wooden furniture and the BUYER deals in sale and distribution of home furnishing products.

The following are the terms and conditions

  • The SELLER must provide and sell only fine quality products as ordered by the BUYER.
  • The BUYER cannot return the products once ordered until and unless there is a fault or damage in the furniture piece.
  • The entire payment of an order must be made after receiving of the order.
  • The BUYER cannot say no to an order or cancel an order after placing it.

Both the parties hereby agree to the terms and conditions:

Fred George

Tom Red



Purchase Agreement Template

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