Purchase Agreement Template

A purchase agreement template is an official document, which is available in a ready to use form and is prepared by considering the purchase term & conditions between the two interested parties. Such an agreement template can be used by filling the contact details of the seller & buyer parties, purchasing price and effective dates, etc.

Sample Purchase Agreement template:

Agreement Number: ______________ [agreement registration number]

Date: ___/___/___ [on which the agreement is prepared]

This ________________ [name of purchase agreement] is made & entered between:

Details of the Seller Origination/ individual:

Name: ___________________

Contact number: __________   [fill the required details]

Hereinafter referred as _______________ [reference name to be used in the purchase agreement]


Details of the buyer organization/ individual:

Name: ____________________

Phone number: ______________ [write the required contact details]

Hereinafter referred as_________________ [reference name of the buyer organization to be used in the agreement]

Together referred as both the parties

Whereas both the parties are ready to commence the ___________ [purchase agreement name] by accepting the mentioned official term & clauses, this agreement is commenced for the purchase of ______________ [state the purpose or type of purchase]

This agreement is validating from [date from which the agreement is legitimately commencing]

Term & conditions:

  • The __________ [referred name of the seller] is selling ____________- [give the details of goods, products, equipments, etc] to the _____________ [reference name of the buyer] by accepting the payment of $ _________ [amount fixed for purchase] and will deliver the order on time.
  • The __________ [seller reference name] will not be responsible for any repairing or warranty for _______ [name of the sold goods].
  • Any kind of issue before the agreement acceptance may cause the termination of this commitment.

Acceptance of the ___________ [purchase agreement name]:

Signature of the ______ [reference name of the seller organization]


Signature of the _____ [reference name of the buyer organization]




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