Property Management Agreement

A property management agreement is a document drafted when an individual, referred to as the manger has to maintain the property owned by an individual or an organization. The manager needs to ensure that the property completely managed and. In the agreement there are few terms and conditions mentioned which both the parties need to follow. These types of agreements also contain the details regarding the time period and the amount paid for the service.

Sample Property Management Agreement

This property management agreement has been drafted on this day of 14th of April 2011 by and between Harry Ron located at 4514 Kelly Brook Road, New Orleans, Los Angeles 5214, hereinafter referred to as manager and Jack Daniels residing at 87 Horn Loud Road, New York, New Jersey 8714, hereinafter referred to as owner,. As per the agreement Harry Ron has to manage the property of Jack Daniels located at:

87 Lean Broad Road,

New York, North Dakota 5214.

As per the agreement:

  1. The manager has to ensure that the property is cleaned regularly.
  2. If the property requires to be painted, he needs to get it painted.

It is evident that both the parties have agreed to the above terms and conditions:

Signature of manager:                                                Signature of owner:

Harry Ron                                                                  Jack Daniels

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