Property Investment Agreement

Property investment agreement is about investing money in real estate sector. The interested individual or corporate can sign such an agreement with the property investment advisor to get information and knowledge about beneficial property portfolio.

The agreement explains the terms and conditions of deal that are mutually decided and agreed.

Sample Property Investment Agreement

This agreement is signed between the CLIENT and the PROPERTY INVESTMENT ADVISORY COMPANY on effective date of 30th April 2011.

The duration of the agreement will be of 8 months.

The Company will provide market trend related information in property and real estate investment that could be beneficial for client and can fetch fair refund of his investment.

Details of Client

Name: Michael Chadwick

Contact Number: 432589670

Details of Company

Name: William Woods (Woods Investment Consultants Ltd.)

Contact Number: 4369872014

Terms and Conditions of Agreement

  1. The  Company will provide property investment related reliable information to the client that can increase the value of his investment.
  2. The Client will pay a sum of $ 600 as fee to the company for its services in two equal installments. Extra charges will be paid for other investment advisory services.
  3. The agreement bound both parties need to keep the business confidential and violation of that will be subject to a legal suit under the law.
  4. The Company will be responsible to manage the investments made on its recommendations and guidance.
  5. Any new clause or conditions could be added in to this agreement only with the knowledge and consent of both sides.

Signature of both the parties is given below:

Michael Chadwick

William Woods (Woods Investment Consultants Ltd.)

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