Project Development Agreement

Project development agreement is related with those two parties who want to get associate for a project development in a concerned field. These types of agreement mention the details of the parties and the terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample project Development Agreement

This agreement is signed between the CLIENT COMPANY and the DEVELOPR AGENCY on 23rd July 2011 and it will come in effect from 1st October 2011.

The duration for the work will be 10 months and this period includes the duration of agreement as well.

The Developer agency will develop a wind energy project for the Client Company at the desired location. The aim is to construct and operate the wind energy plants and their maintenance as well.

Details of Client Company

Name: Ivory Renewable Energy Corporation Ltd.

Contact Number: 4803697102

CEO: Ivan Kolinsky

Details of Developer Company

Name: Barry Johnston

Contact Number: 4982367056

Business Details: the person runs a wind energy plant and equipment manufacturing and maintenance unit.

Terms and Conditions of the agreement

  1. The developer company will develop a wind energy plant of eight wind mils at the concerned location. The construction and operation of windmills should be coherent with the related national and international regulations and norms of renewable energy.
  2. The Client Company will pay a sum of $ 6000 to the developer for this job. This amount will include the constructing and maintenance cost of given period.
  3. A 3 months advance notice has to be given by either of the parties who wish to come out of the agreement.


Ivan Kolinsky                    Barry Johnston

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