Professional Training Agreement

A professional training agreement is an official document drafted when an individual receives training in the organization in which he is working. The agreement lays down the terms and conditions that both the parties need to follow and the responsibilities of both the trainee and the trainer.

Sample Professional Training Agreement

This agreement has been drafted on this day of 14th of March 2011 between Tom Cruise the trainee and Wipro BPO the employer. Tom Cruise has joined this organization in the position of a customer service executive and as per the agreement he is supposed to receive customer service training from the organization.

The terms and conditions laid down between both the parties are as follows:

1. The training period will be for a period of three months during which   Tom Cruise will be on probation and won’t be allowed to take any leave

2. The trainer is responsible for ensuring that the trainee understands all the parts mentioned in the training manual.

3. The trainee will get a monthly salary of $2000 during the training period.

4. After the training the trainee has to undergo an evaluation.

Signature of the trainee:                                                              Signature of the employer:

Tom Cruise                                                         Jade Goody

(HR manager, Wipro BPO)

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