Product Distributor Agreement

A product distributor agreement is an official document which is drafted when the manufacturer of a certain product enters into a deal with another party referred to as the distributor. As per the agreement the distributor takes the responsibility of promoting, marketing and selling the products manufactured by the distributor.

Sample Product distributor agreement

This product distribution agreement has been drafted on this day of 14th May 2011 between Glen Manufacturers referred to as the product manufacturer with head office located at:

41 Joe Smoking Street

Lee Land, New USA 5214

And John Lee referred to as the product distributor with office address being:

1 Dominos Street,

Lee Land, New USA 5221.

As per the agreement the product manufacturer gives the distribution rights of the cotton garments manufactured by them to the product distributor.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The product distributor has to pay in advance for the products purchased by them for distribution purpose. The purchase price does not include transportation cost.
  2. The product manufacturer will be reserving a certain amount as security money for each product sold.
  3. The distributor will not sell any product manufactured by the rival company unless approval given by the product manufacturer.

Signature of the distributor:                  Signature of the product manufacturer:

John Lee                                                    Jeff Bridges

(MD, Glen Manufacturers)

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