Pro Forma Rental Agreement

A pro forma rental agreement is based on the hire & rental term & conditions and is committed between the landlord and the tenant.

Sample Pro Forma Rental Agreement:

Pro Forma Date: _____________

Agreement Number: _____________

This agreement is made between Mr. __________________ resided at ______________ called herein after landlords and Mr. _____________ located called herein after tenants at _________________ dated ________, 20 _________.

This rental agreement is valid from _________, 20 _________ ending on ________, 20 _________.

The landlord is presented that he/ she is the owner of the property/ house No. ___ at_______________ Floori situated in ________________________. And whereas the tenant is relying on such representation has approached the Landlord to take the property/ house on lease with effect from ____________ days of ____________, 20 _____, valid for 11 months.

And the Landlord is agreeing to sign the lease.

Henceforth, this pro forma rental agreement will pursue the following promised terms:

The landlord is offering the facilities ___________, ______, _____, ______, and ________ to the tenant. Whereas the tenant is agreed to take care of property and is responsible for its maintenance.


The tenant will pay the monthly fixed rent amount of ______________ on the decided date _______, 20 ________. In case of delay in payment and no payment the tenant will be charged with extra fee _____________.

Signature of Landlord: _____________

Signature of tenant: _______________

Place: _________________________

le=’texS� inX%$ P% >Place: __________________

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