Private Tenancy Agreement Template

A private tenancy agreement template is a format for a private tenancy agreement. It is a legally binding document which gives owner the right to lease the property for private purposes to the tenant. This document avoids dispute in the future regarding respective responsibilities.

Sample Private Tenancy Agreement Template:

There are two parties involved in the contract:

Owner: [Landlord’s name with address]


Tenant: [Tenant’s name with address]

Date: [Date of signing of agreement]


[Location of signing of agreement]

Address: [Full address of property with zip code]

Period of lease: [Number of months] starting from [day], [month] and [year]

Usage of property: private use for eg. Residential

The tenant agrees to:

  • The tenant shall pay $[amount] on a month to month basis.
  • The tenant shall have a right of protection from unfair eviction.
  • The tenant shall pay $[amount] as deposit which is supposed to refunded at the expiration of lease.

The owner agrees to:

  • The owner shall pay for any maintenance or repair charges.
  • The owner shall have a right to inspect the premises on a regular basis.
  • The owner shall provide with electricity and water supply free of any cost.

The owner and tenant hereby agree and sign the agreement:

[Signature of owner]                  [Signature of tenant]

(Owner)                                      (Tenant)

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