Private Investment Agreement

Private investment agreement is made between an expert investment advisory consultancy firm and an investor who wants to invest money in real estate or in other stocks. The agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of agreement for both sides with their mutual consent.

Sample Private Investment Agreement

The CLEINT and the INVSETMENT CONSULTANCY FIRM sign this agreement on the effective date of 25th May 2011.

The duration of contact will be 6 months.

The consultancy firm will provide all strategically and stock market related information necessary for private investment to the client.

Details of the Client

Name:  Mr. Ken Smith

Contact Number: 43058796016

Details of Firm

Name: Bernard Coleman (Financial Securities and Investment Consultant Ltd.)

Contact Number: 48756930146

Terms and Condition for Agreement

  1. Both the parties will respect the privacy of each other and will not leak any investment related information to any third party.
  2. The Client will pay a sum of $ 500 to the agency for its services in advance.
  3. The Firm will be responsible to provide correct and rational stock market information to the client for his investments. The firm will also take care of the other related process such as documentation, ups and down of market and will inform the client.
  4. The violation of privacy clause would be considered chargeable under the law. If the firm gives, incorrect or misguiding information that creates heavy monetary loss to client than such conduct will also be considered for a legal suit.


Ken Smith    Bernard Coleman

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