Primary Dealership Agreement

A primary dealership agreement is a legal document which is drafted between a manufacturer and the first or primary dealer for the sales of products produced by manufacturer. The clauses of terms of this agreement are legally enforceable and can lead to legal actions in case of violation.

Sample primary dealership agreement

This agreement is made effective on the date: 1st Oct 2011

This agreement is formed between Mr. Mark Jobs who is herein referred to as the COMPANY and Mr. Shaz Boucher who is herein referred to as the PRIMARY DEALER.

The details of both the parties are given as follows:


Company name: Jobs Production Company Limited

Address: F-3, Robert tower, CA


Store name: Boucher products

Address: 3A-2, B block, West Clint road, CA

The COMPANY manufactures Cosmetic products and agrees to grant primary dealership to PRIMARY DEALER.

Total dealership amount: $40000

Duration of agreement: 24 months

Termination date of agreement: 1st Oct 2013


  • The PRIMARY DEALER agrees to sell the products produced by the COMPANY only at his store being the primary dealer of the COMPANY.
  • The COMPANY agrees to grant the primary dealership of the cosmetic products only to the PRIMARY DEALER during the duration of the agreement.
  • The PRIMARY DEALER must pay the dealership amount every month within the first week to avoid any late fee charges,
  • The PRIMARY DEALER cannot give sub dealership to any other dealer under any circumstances during the period of the agreement.

Validation of agreement

Mark Jobs

Shaz Boucher

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