Preferred Vendor Agreement

A preferred vendor agreement is a legal document drafted between an organization and the preferred vendor of that organization. The document lays out the terms of the business deal that both the parties are entering into. The agreement acts a legal document in case any misunderstanding occurs between both the parties in the future.

Sample Preferred Vendor Agreement

This preferred vendor agreement made as on this date of 14th of March 2011 between Jane Corporation Limited the client and Holy Good Limited the preferred vendor.

As per the rules laid out in this agreement   Jane Corporation Limited and Holy Good Limited agrees to the following the terms and conditions:

  1. Type of business: Holy Good Limited will supply to Jane Corporation Limited cotton materials for the garments manufactured by Jane Corporation Limited. The preferred vendor has to supply at least one ton of cotton materials on a monthly basis.
  2. Term of agreement:  The agreement ends on 13th March 2013. The term of the agreement is for 2 years. The agreement can be cancelled at any point during the term if there is dissatisfaction from either of the parties.

In acceptance to the above terms and conditions, both the parties have signed below:

Signature of client                                               Signature of vendor:

Jane Austen                                                        Holy Cow

(CEO, Jane Corporation Limited)                            (CEO, Holy Good Limited)

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