Pool Management Agreement

A pool management agreement is a formal document drafted whenever an individual or an organization owning a swimming pool assigns the task to another individual or an organization to maintain the upkeep of the pool. Both the parties involved in this contract are known as the pool manager and the pool owner and they have to follow the terms and conditions laid down in the agreement.

Sample Pool Management Agreement

This agreement has been drafted as on 9th March 2011 between Henry Ron referred to as the pool manager with address located at 5214 Jack Allis Road, New York New Jersey 4125 and John Fay referred to as the pool owner residing at 4125 Horn Good Street, New York New Jersey 5214 to manage the pool owned by the pool owner at his residential address.

The terms and conditions laid down in the agreement are:

  1. The pool manager has to take complete care regarding the maintenance of the pool.
  2. The pool manager and the owner can cancel the agreement at any point prior to which they need to give a one month notice.

In agreement to the above terms and conditions, find the signature of both the parties below:

Signature of the pool manager:                                                  Signature of the pool owner:

Henry Ron                                                                                           John Fay

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