Photograph License Agreement

Photograph license agreement is made between a photographer and a company/individual who want to use some particular photographs clicked by the photographer. The agreement lays down those conditions that will work as guidelines for usage and publishing of concerned photographs

Sample Photograph License Agreement

This agreement is signed between Photo Agency and the Fashion Magazine on 23rd March 2011 and it will be effective from 1st April 2011.

The duration for this agreement will be one year.

The Photograph agency allows the magazine to use the photographs of Paris fashion week taken by Agency Photographers. The magazine will publish these photographs in its July addition with the reference name of agency. These photographs are exclusive property of agency and after completion of agreement; the magazine will not hold any right on these photographs.

Details of Photograph Agency

Name: The One Click World Ltd.

CEO: Joshua Benson

Contact Number: 48963307

Details of Fashion Magazine

Title: Fashion Diva

CEO:  Ms. Jennifer Vronskie

Contact Number: 498752306

Terms and Conditions of agreement

  1. The magazine cannot sale or distributes these photographs to any other entity for publishing purpose. Photographs can be used for the duration of agreement in any edition and with any column of magazine.
  2. The magazine will pay a fee of $3000 to the agency as license fee and if it wants to use these photographs after the agreement period than it need to renew the agreement.
  3. The photographs are the solely property of agency and not copied or taken from any other source.


Joshua Benson

Jennifer Vronskie

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