Personal Investment Agreement

A personal investment agreement is one that is entered into by an individual who invests his personal money into a company. The company can be a limited one or a financial institution or a bank. The personal investment agreement defines all the terms of investment made by the individual on the terms set by the other party. The agreement is signed by the individual investing the funds and the company where fund is being invested.

Sample Personal Investment Agreement

This personal investment agreement is entered on the 10th of March 2012 between Mr. Vicky Roberts and London Bank for the sole purpose of investment into the financial instruments selected by the investor.

Particulars of Investor:

Mr. Vicky Roberts,

#4, Dumfries, Dumfriesshire,

London, DG1

Particulars of Bank:

London Bank,

#6, Norwich,

Norfolk, London, NR2

Terms of personal investment agreement are set out as under:

  1. The investor agrees to invest an amount of GBP 15000 into the bank for the purpose of purchasing financial instruments sold by the bank.
  2. The personal investment made by the investor is his sole responsibility and the bank will not be liable any losses incurred due to the investment made in financial instruments.
  3. The bank will invest the money deposited by the investor into financial instruments which do not guarantee any assured returns and are subject to market risks which the investor agrees to while signing this agreement.
  4. The withdrawal of investment will be at the own risk of the investor and the bank will not be liable for any financial loss as a result of the pre-term withdrawal as the investment is market driven.
  5. The investor is bound to pay the bank the necessary charges and fees for the advisory services offered by the bank on or before 15 days from the date of investment in order to avoid being penalized for the same.

Signature of the Bank representative:

Signature of the investor:

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