Partnership Agreements

Partnership agreements are commenced between two or more business entities and individuals to shake hand to avail the desired business opportunities to achieve the outstanding growth in business. Such a document is a legal binding in order to share the benefits and losses together. A partnership agreement can be commenced between two or more parties with mutual approval.

A partnership agreement saves a company and an entrepreneur from financial crisis formally.  This can be prepared by providing the approved working term & conditions and partnership ratio to be shared between all the parties.

Types of the partnership agreement:

  • Business partnership agreement
  • Limited Business partnership agreement
  • Mutual business partnership agreement
  • Sample partnership agreement

The underneath mentioned attributes are useful for creating a partnership agreement:

(a)Partnership agreement file number.

(b)Date on which the agreement is registered.

(c) Effective date on which the agreement is made and entered along with the termination date.

(d)Contact information of all partners including name, authenticated address, working phone number.

(e)Type of the business and location.

(f)  Covenants and clauses of commencing business, partnership ratio for losses & benefits and renewal & termination conditions.

(g)Signature of the partners.

(h)Signature & approval of the lawyer

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