Partnership Agreement Template

A partnership agreement template is a legally drafted document which can be used by providing required information in order to commence the partnership.

Sample Partnership agreement template:

Agreement File Number: ______________ [file number]

This partnership agreement is initiated between Mr. __________________ [name of first partner], located at: City: __________, State: ______________, PIN: ____________ [address details]

And Mr. _____________ [name of the second partner], resided inside: City: __________, State: ______________, PIN: ___________ for the business of ___________________ [name of the business] location_________________ [business location]. Hereinafter both parties together referred as “Both the partners”.

This agreement is commencing on: ____/____/___ [date of starting the agreement] and is terminating on: ____/____/___ [date on which agreement is ending].

Following mentioned are the clauses for both the partners to start the business: [all the committed terms & conditions to make the partnership work]

Business Commitment:

Both the partnership will be responsible for sharing profits and loss up to[ mention the percentage decided].

All the business decisions will be taken together.

Renewal of the Agreement:

This partnership can be renewed after a year if no problem and official discrimination is recorded.


If any violation occurred due to any of the reasons or by any partners, this partnership agreement will be considered terminated.

Hereby, the agreement is being accepted by both the partners:

Singed by the Partner 1:


Signature of the Partner 2:

_____________________ [signature of both the partners]

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