Painting Subcontract Agreement

A painting subcontract agreement is a document used by a contractor when he wants to hire the services of a subcontractor for painting work at a house, building or office and for his services and materials, the subcontractor receives a sum of money from the contractor.

Sample Painting Subcontract Agreement

This painting subcontract agreement is made and entered between CONTRACTOR and SUBCONTRACTOR effective from the date of October 10, 2011.


Name: Mr. Ralph Gomez

Contact number: 646454313


Name: Mr. Jason Cline

Contact number: 675642996


Rosebush Apt Complex, New York


  • According to this agreement, the CONTRACTOR shall accept the services of the SUBCONTRACTOR for painting work to be done at the address mentioned above.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR hereby agrees to supply to the CONTRACTOR the necessary materials, labour or tools needed to do the painting work at these apartments.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR agrees to follow all the safety precautions laid down by the civic authorities or the rules and regulations of the apartment complex governing body.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR must consult with the contractor and the client about what is expected from the project before he begins his work.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR is responsible for supplying good quality paint for the project and should ensure that his employees follow the design plan.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR agrees to finish the painting work within 3 weeks of signing this agreement for which the CONTRATOR agrees to pay him a sum of $8,000.

Both parties agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement.


Mr. Ralph Gomez         Mr. Jason Cline

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